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"And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin


You want to bring your self into therapy

Therapy with me is about building connecion with your internal world, gaining trust in yourself (becoming more authentic) and sharing who you are to build meaningful and connected relationships.  During our lives we tend to navigate around uncomfortable feelings which can create patterns which may keep us from experiencing the richness of life or the connection we crave with others.  These patterns can also keep us from listening to our own inner wisdom and giving ourselves the love we deserve.   The work I do with individuals looks at these patterns, and deconstructs them along with the thoughts or attachment lens that hold them in place.  Sometimes we will need to work with trauma which is essential for shaking patterns for most people.  I offer techniques (such as parts work, attachment repair and EMDR) and teach skills that will enable clients to find freedom, share themselves, bring more meaning to relationships; including creating needed boundaries with others.

You want to bring your partner, spouse, lover, family member or friend into therapy


Couples counseling can be a profound way to have deeper insight into our patterns that keep us unfulfilled.  Often the person we find ourself in partership with is the exact personality needed to unlock our most difficult issues.  Because of this, we often act in ways with our partners that we would never act to others...or bring out an immature part of our partner.  In couples counseling, I address the unmet needs that show up in relationship, initiate the process to untangle what is happening and support the couple to find the nourishment they need within themselves before turing to their partner.  I use techniques that address communication habits that are no longer serving us.  I also use parts work, attachment understanding and repair and EMDR with couples.  Couples therapy usually brings light to how our partner works which offers the opportunity for deeper compassion and appreciation for one another.  


Therapy at a younger age can be a great idea for teenagers who show signs of unhappiness.  Most of my career I have worked with troubled youth.  Having an understanding of developemental norms, and offering problem solving skill sets can work well with this population.  Note that when I work with young people, it is imperative that I have at least some sessions also with the parent or caretaker.  If you or your child is at least 15 and is struggling emotionally, call me to see if we might be a good fit. And yes, youth can do EMDR and IFS parts work!

You want to bring yourself or your child who is age 15 or older into therapy


Currently I meet with clients in person, over video (through my confidential video platform, or on the phone.  I have found video meetings or the phone are just as effective as being in person. Really! 

To make video calls, you will need a relatively fast internet connection and a webcam (cameras come in most computers).  Most standard cable internet service these days is fast enough.  A microphone is standard in most computers or you can choose to use a headset.  I suggest trying out a video call with a friend first to iron out any technical issues.  Sometimes online service can be slow or interrupted so it is necessary to have a phone nearby as a backup.



Our sessions will be completely confidential.  I keep my files in a locked cabinet and will speak with no one about your treatment without your permission. 

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