July 15, 2020

Article from NY Times June 15, 2020

Credit...Monika Aichele

  • June 15, 2020

·  ·  This article is the first in a series on resilience in troubled times — what we can learn about it from history and personal experiences.

Two years ago, my notions of resilience, how it works and what it means, were remade.

I’d been struggling with the mental-health fallout from a series of car accidents — when I drove, I experienced sporadic flashbacks, feelings of panic and persistent visions of my own seemingly certain doom. I felt certain that I would crash again, and that this time I would die. Sometimes on the highway I had to pull over to hyperventilate and so...

February 2, 2017

Sarah will be teaching at this retreat May 6 - 8. 

A HoneyRoot experience designed specifically for girls and women of all ages!

A beautiful opportunity to explore and celebrate the Creative Power in us all.

Mother, in all her forms, is one of the most potent, biologically-miraculous, spiritually-awesome, life-affirming intelligence there is. There is an essential love and creative power inherent in women's bodies that we want to celebrate with you.

This retreat is a place to honor our bodies... a time to bond and connect... an opportunity to be creative, expressive, and collaborative with others you love.

Come be a part of this incredibly nourishin...

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