Sarah Foxfire

 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Offering a body-centered, mindfulness-based approach to therapy for adolescents, individuals, and couples who want to grow through current challenges, transform limiting core beliefs and behaviors in order to have more satisfying relationships and live a richer life. 


are ready to break though some of the limitations in your world or at least know it's time for a change.  You know life can be better, are feeling limited by your habits and want to deepen the satisfaction of your relationships.  It's time to tune your authentic voice to your hearts deeper longing, and master the skills to convey it to the people you love on your journey to making the world a better place. 


with Sarah is a great way for individuals and couples to navigate their current limiting patterns and discover a more satisfying depth to life that comes from within.  Sarah offers techniques, education and insight in a safe compassionate atmosphere.  Together you will  build the skills to thrive in life: remembering your deeper worth, deepening connections to those around you, feed the relationships that last a lifetime, and use your precious time here to be the one you have been waiting for. 

"Sarah is wise, professional, warm, and - added bonus - has a great sense of humor.."


Janet G.



1346 4th Street Suite 207

San Rafael, Ca 94930